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with creative layouts

without programming knowledge

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Shopware 6 Theme

We stand for high quality and very customizable Shopware themes. Try our themes for free in your online shop or visit our demos!
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Shopware 6 Base Theme

All of our themes are based on the same core.

100% one core

All themes are based on the same basis and only differ in their default settings.

Which theme should I choose?

Decide on the theme and template that comes closest to your idea of your shop.

You won't miss anything!

With any theme and any set, you can create any demo you see here - and a lot more!


In addition to the styling options, we offer you a whole range of great features and functions that will make your shop even better!

Sticky Header

Fixed header area on all devices - if you want!

Category picture in listing

Show category banners in your category listing, automatically.


Preview of the article in the listing.

Quanitityselect in listings

Quantity selection already available in the listing.

Image Change in listings

Show an alternative product picture on mouseover

Individual Header

Logo, navigation & categories can be arranged individually.

Additional tabs

Properties, manufacturers & custom tab on detail page.

Preloader Animation

Show a nice loading animation instead of the page layout.

Background picture

Use a background image globally for the shop.

Google WebFonts

Choose the fonts that match your products.

Social Media Integration

Set the links to your social media channels.

Marketing Banner

Animated text slider as a banner or in the Offcanvas Topbar Element.

Centered Logo

Center your brand in the focus of the header.


The frontend and administration are multilingual and sales-channel compatible.

Optimized for mobile devices

Best usability for your customers - even on mobile devices.

Datasheets on detail page

Display datasheets in a separate tab on the detail page.


Benefit from our core functions and choose one of the most customizable themes for Shopware!

Full Responsive

Your site will look great -
on all devices!

Extensive configuration

Customizable - completely without programming knowledge

Installable Demo Sets

Our demos as installable child-themes, preconfigured

Integrated plugins

Many popular & useful plugins already included in the theme.

3+ Topbar Layouts

For a tidier & clean look.

4+ Icon Fonts

Display of sharp icons on all resolutions & devices.

4+ basic layouts

Full-Width, Full-Width-Boxed, Full-Width-Header & Boxed + adjustable width.

3+ Search Layouts

Standard, Foldout, Offcanvas.

Sales Channel

Run different sales channels with one theme.

No branding

No branding, no copyright notice, no extra fees.

Developer Support

Get support from qualified people & developers.